Beautiful Day in Santa Cruz, Woman Exercising On Beach

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The day is January 28th, and we are enjoying a gorgeous day in Santa Cruz! It is still January, supposed to be cold, right? Well, not today. The sun was shining and warm, people were wading and swimming in the ocean, riding their bicycles and wearing flip-flops and tank tops! We met a woman exercising on beach! It was a super 68 degrees!

Sometimes when we are blessed with an exceptionally beautiful day, we owe it to ourself and to our healthy frame of mind to indulge ourselves in it. Just stepping off the treadmill of life – or of work or the literal treadmill – and immerse ourselves in the fresh air, the warm sun, and the natural beauty along the coast.

Do You Enjoy A Day At The Beach?

Perhaps, for you, it might be a walk in a forest or hiking in the mountains. We enjoy those, too, but we are fortunate that the coast is only a 40-minute drive across the San Francisco Bay, and that’s the direction we were headed.

Kevin and I took advantage of this beautiful day to casually enjoy driving to the ocean – no plans or schedules. We didn’t even have a favorite restaurant in mind for lunch. It was one of those nice day trips where you just go with the flow.


Our drive down the coast was pleasant as the traffic was light. We could pull off the coastal highway wherever we wanted to take pictures or watch people enjoying their water sports. Some were surfing even though the ocean was fairly calm in the morning. Many were hanging out with friends and their surfboards waiting for the afternoon breezes to pick up and give them better waves.

When we got to Santa Cruz, we decided to park close to the pier and walk out to the end of the pier. From there, we would decide which restaurant was going to be lucky enough to get our patronage!  The Santa Cruz pier, or wharf as it’s also called, is lined with restaurants and tourist-y gift shops from one end to the other.


Many People Enjoy the Santa Cruz Wharf

The furthest end of the pier has a wide area with benches where people can just sit and enjoy the sun, the water, and sea life. Many people are there because they have a line in the water for fishing or a crab basket or two for catching crabs. Some are just there to people watch and take pictures.

We were taking it all in and snapped some photos of a couple of seals who were floating on their backs enjoying the warm sun. At first, I thought they were sea otters because we see a lot of them here, and they love to float on their backs, too. These were definitely seals who were barking at each other and at other seals and sea lions who were hanging out under the pier.

As we headed back, we had made up our mind that we would have lunch at Riva’s Fish House restaurant – a very good decision! We selected two appetizers to share – stuffed chilies and calamari – oh, three appetizers because we added baked garlic bread with three cheese toppings!  All delicious! Nothing “diet” about any of these dishes, but, boy, were they good!


We Watched A Woman Exercising On The Beach

Strolling back further, we noticed a woman exercising on the beach. I watched her for a while and then called down to her to ask if I could take a picture of her. She said yes, but then I decided to make a video so I could put it up here and show you. The woman so kindly obliged me with that request, too, so here is her video. Woman Exercising On Beach

In a few minutes, she came up to the pier so we could talk and get acquainted. She pointed out her husband and son who were walking along the beach as she exercised. I enjoyed talking with this lovely woman who shared a little about herself.  I shared a little about this blog and its purpose. She was happy to let me put this up and liked what we are doing here which is encouraging good health and fitness.

This was one of those special days where the world is a beautiful place. Everyone was happy, smiling and friendly which all added to having a super day.  I just had to share it with you.

Have you had one of those special days recently? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below.


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