Why a Blogger Blogs; Because It Is Worth It

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Have you ever wondered why a blogger blogs? If you ever hear someone say that being a blogger is easy, do not believe them. Blogging is NOT easy! Blogging is hard and takes a lot of time to get off the ground. Then, why do I do it?

Blogging is a rather small community of e-commerce entrepreneurs made up of work-at-home Moms and Dads. A segment of bloggers is also men and women who work at jobs who enjoy writing about a passion or diversion of theirs. They may write for their own pleasure or are beginning to design their blogging business for money which will one day allow them to quit their job.

Bloggers Have Interesting Stories About Their “Why”

There are many reasons why bloggers blog, and it’s interesting to hear their stories. Recently, we had the pleasure to attend a large, annual seminar of bloggers. It was really enjoyable to talk with other men and women who “get it” about blogging. We liked hearing their stories about why and how they got started blogging and what kind of future their blog will generate for them.

So often when we tell someone what we do, we get the familiar responses that other bloggers hear: “What is blogging?” The most common question we have heard is “How do you make money with blogging?” Because people don’t understand e-commerce to begin with, this concept of blogging as a living is totally alien to them.

Blogger blogs blogging 101The encouragement that we got by attending the seminar I mentioned is invaluable and is what spurs us on. We met people who are all over the map in their blogging business. Some have not yet earned a dime while others are enjoying a very decent lifestyle from blogging. Many people there were even more “newbies” than we are but still wanted to learn. Other bloggers were honing a particular skill in their business and were connecting one-on-one with experts and mentors in that skillset.

Bloggers Attend Seminars To Meet Other Bloggers

We brought business cards with us to share with new acquaintances there – way too many cards (LOL), but we came home with some, too. We look forward to keeping new friendships going with several bloggers in hopes that we can somehow help each other down the road. Sometimes the benefit of nurturing those relationships might be to share good experiences or to get help with frustrating hurdles we’re facing.

Blogging takes time to build. Contrary to what may be a popular opinion about blogging, you can’t just start writing posts in your WordPress site and expect to have the world hanging on every word that you publish. Guess what – it doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. There is a structure that needs to be established before anyone even knows that you are “out there”.

Just telling your closest friends and family that you are writing a blog doesn’t ensure that even THEY will take the time to look at your site. Even though you spend hours, days or weeks getting your site to look pretty and enticing doesn’t mean that it will be appreciated by anyone else, including those closest to you.

People Ask “Why Are You A Blogger?”

You can ask your family “Have you taken a look at my site?” and they’ll say something like “No, sorry. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet”. Your heart sinks as you think of all the time it took you to craft your posts.  You and your husband, or you and your Mom, are the only people on Planet Earth who know your blog exists. You heart sinks.  🙁 Actually, though, these folks may not be your type of audience anyway, but you still would like their support and vote of confidence.

Blogger blogs blog with coffee cupAfter you design and build the structure that is required according to the lessons you learned to do by following umpteen courses and webinars, the miracle happens! You start to get comments or questions about your post, and you start to get people subscribing to your site by giving their email addresses! Wow! You feel as though you have finally arrived!

This is the beginning of a happy future – as long as you are willing to put in a lot MORE time and effort to keep building your blogging business. Remember, the key word here is “business”. We are in business to make an income. This happens by providing your readers with something of value that they just can’t live without.

A Blogger Blogs In Order To Help Our Readers

We get to know who are readers are, and we know what they need in order to solve a pressing problem. Our purpose with our blog is to provide a solution to their pain. But, with any new relationship, it requires time to get to know each other. The best way to do this is to encourage engagement with your readers. It’s a beautiful thing when that begins to happen.

That reminds me of a little jingle that I learned when I was 8 years old in the Brownies. The lyrics are “Make new friends but keep the old; One is silver and the other gold”

Is that not true of friends? Especially friends we meet because of our blog; they are Gold! Blogging is not easy, but it sure is worth it for the financial gain as well as giving back. When we help our readers, which is our main intent, we can feel like we are paying it forward. Just keep going and building, and the fruits of your labors will happen.

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