Are You Confused About Eating Healthy?

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It is not surprising if you are confused about eating healthy. There is so much confusing and even contradictory information out there about eating healthy that even the so-called learned medical professionals can’t seem to agree on what that means.

Over the past thirty to forty years, we have seen so many different sure-fire plans to encourage our society towards healthy eating. What in the world has happened to us? Have you noticed how different the actors and actresses and kids looked in early TV shows and movies? They all looked slender and healthy, the kids were active all the time and didn’t like to be made to sit still.

What Happened To Healthy Eating?

Do you see the difference when you look around at what the people in our world look like these days, particularly those of us in the Western World? What has changed? What can we do about the current situation of how people look and feel? How can we help our young people to be more healthy and active?

These are serious questions which I certainly am not qualified to answer for you today. As a matter of fact, I just watched a video of a panel of well-known medical and dietary authorities, most of whom are published with their beliefs put in print, and they cannot agree on what is the key to healthy eating and optimal health. That concerns me a lot. How are WE supposed to figure this dilemma out? But, figure it out we must! Our lives depend on it.

There are arguments to be made that one food industry battled against another food industry in order to fatten their bottom line in business There are tons of books written and movies made on this subject which actually make me mad. They reveal how the bottom line profits outweigh the medical harm that has been the result to their own customers and consumers. We are in a serious condition right now with the epidemic of fat and sick people. This exists not only in our country but in the world who emulate the Western diet.

What Is So Confusing?

At various times in the last few decades, we’ve been told that coffee is good for us – wait; NO, coffee is not good for us.

Eating red meat is good for us – wait, NO,  it’s not.

Eggs are bad; no, only egg yolks are bad; NO, eggs are good for us.

Fat is bad, now good fats are good.

A high starch diet is the best; No, clean eating low in starch is more healthy.

Milk builds strong bones; NO, milk leaches out calcium from our bones. (Do you realize that humans are the only mammals who continue to drink milk after being weaned off milk? Does that seem strange to you when you think about it?)

The amount of sugar we eat in our Western diet is astounding compared to the amount we ate before we were told that fat is bad for us. When foods were produced to “help” us not eat so much fat, sugar was added to replace the flavor the was lost due to the absence of the fat. Look where that got us. We are sugar junkies whether we realize it or not. We are tricked into eating it because sugar is camouflaged in our food under many different names.

And What About Paleo?

Paleo Diet Eating HealthyWe are told that we should eat what our ancestors ate – our Paleolithic ancestors, to be more specific. Thus, the (Amazon affiliate link) Paleo diet healthy eating plan.  This is something I have not personally looked into in depth to give you any brilliant enlightenment about either way. The little that I do know about the Paleo diet is similar to how we are already eating in our house at this time. It seems to have more moderation in the balance of types of food and different nutrients.

In addition to all the “expert advice” that is available when you look into any one of the eating healthy plans, there are some proponents of the idea that it all boils down to our own genetics – that genetics trump everything else regarding our health. For some, that would not be good news as they see members in their family who either had a short life or who are struggling with serious health issues now.

This is a research that we are personally interested in and are experimenting with different eating lifestyles over the past few years. Actually, since we haven’t settled on one yet, I really can’t refer to a “lifestyle”. Once we find one that provides every aspect of healthy living that we are seeking which makes us feel good, maintain a healthy weight, then I can call it a lifestyle.

How Are We Eating Healthy?

We are leaning towards less meat and maybe cutting out red meat entirely; doing our best to reduce sugar. This is more difficult for me than for Kevin, lucky guy. “Good fats” are incorporated into our meals. We will do this as long as we feel the good fats are healthy. Our meals also include a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.

I like oatmeal with raisins and almond milk for breakfast.  Kevin likes eggs and veggie omelets with potatoes. We have vastly reduced our intake of bread, although if we can find a Bread made with nutritious whole grains, I could be easily tempted! I love bread, too, but it’s something I am able to restrict from my diet pretty easily.

On top of everything we learn about healthy eating and nutrition, there is one constant element that we have once again begun to add into our daily routine. That is an exercise of some sort. Some days, it’s more stretching and other days we include a lot of body weight type movements. Whatever type of moving of our bodies that we do, it all makes a huge difference to our flexibility, our metabolism, and our general feeling of wellness. This is most important to us as we age. Gravity is certainly not our friend! And sitting and being sedentary is not our friend, either.

The search continues and the desire to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition is very important to me. As I learn, I will share. When I come across helpful information, recipes, or tools, I will pass that along to you, too. Please be sure to check out the links that I have provided to you throughout this article. There is really good reading material on the subject within those links.


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