Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch Half Moon Bay

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Yesterday, we took a day to visit pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay for photography and fun. Our photoshoot started at Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay on Highway 1. We took lots of pictures and enjoyed the decorations that Farmer John shares with all of his visitors who come from all over the world.

We are local folks and didn’t sign his guestbook, but he was telling us about all the people he has met at his Farm from all corners of the globe. After all, who doesn’t enjoy pumpkins and corn stalks, and squashes of all shapes and sizes? His pumpkin patch garden is a sight to behold.

Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch

Farmer John Pumpkin PatchA highlight on his Farm that is visible from the road is his big John Deere tractor and his Teepee. Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch TeepeeGuests are welcome to enjoy the inside of the Teepee (or more accurately “tipi”), which many people do.

The array of pumpkins that are laid out for viewing and for buying is very impressive. There are pumpkins that we had never seen before. There are many colors, shapes, and sizes of the pumpkins, and some are cut open so we can see what the “meat” looks like inside and how the seeds are. I’m always looking for large, plump seeds that I can dry and enjoy as a snack so I appreciate being able to see what the seeds are like from the variety of pumpkins.



Squashes and Gourds At the Pumpkin Patch, Too!

The squashes and gourds are amazing! There are so many different ones on display. They are very colorful and fun to see the strange shapes, many with long goose-like necks. Too bad I didn’t get to take pictures of that kind to show you. We got busy talking with Farmer John and a friend of his. They are friends since they were 4 years old. They are in their 70’s now, and both are Viet Nam vets who served together.

Upcoming Pumpkin Season Events

Farmer John was sharing with us that this coming Sunday will be the 16th Annual Bernese Mountain Dog Day. I am going to share his excerpt about it from his website here:

Sixteenth Annual Bernese Mountain Dog Day!

Sunday, October 7, 2018  9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Our heartfelt thanks to those who came from near and far again last year. We had over 130 Berneseguests at 2017 Bernese Mountain Dog Day! We visited with 13-year-olds down to those fluffy little puppies! Bring your Berner Friends this year or Just Come to Enjoy the Pack! Be sure to take pictures!   Miss Cora and Miss Chloe will be there to greet you all with great memories and bright futures for our wonderful Berner Pals!   Farmer John will be ready for hay rides for all the pack! When you see someone with a Berner, spread the word…  Just can’t wait!

Additionally, I want to share an upcoming event in Half Moon Bay that is such a favorite for people to enjoy at the start of our Fall Season:

Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival 2018

October 13th and 14th – 10am to 5pm

This is a BIG EVENT for Half Moon Bay.  This is not an event at our farm.  Pumpkin Festival takes place in downtown Historic Main Street, Half Moon Bay! Visit the Festival on Main Street, and then come buy your pumpkins here from us! We will be at the farm all day! Come see us in the Pumpkin Festival Parade, Saturday at Noon on Main Street. The parade is Saturday only.  Looking forward to a great pumpkin weekend!!

You can follow Farmer John at his website

Farmer John is a delightful person who loves designing his Pumpkin Patch Farm every year and sharing his wonderful display of pumpkins for all to enjoy. We are fortunate to live close enough where we can visit him every year.

Thank you, Farmer John, from all of us who appreciate your efforts to make our Fall Season even more enjoyable!


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