My Number One Favorite Kitchen Tool Is The Vitamix Blender

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Vitamix BlenderThere is no contest that my favorite kitchen tool is my Vitamix Blender. Everyone who loves to create yummy things in the kitchen will eventually develop a bond with certain tools that are “must-have” items. Whether you’re a gourmet chef who turns out the most scrumptious soup-to-nuts meals or you’re someone who doesn’t know how to turn on a stove, there are favorite tools that you learn to rely on in your preparation.

For me, there are several tools that I want to talk about in later posts, but the one that is on my mind now is a blender, specifically the Vitamix 5200 Blender, which is something that I use almost every single day.

I became acquainted with the Vitamix in the mid- to late-90’s, and at the time, I purchased two of them: one for home and one for my office as I knew I couldn’t be without one. The model that I bought back in those days was the Vita-Mix Super 5000 Total Nutrition Center, which is now most closely related to the Vitamix 5200 Blender.  It was an expensive move to buy two at a time as each one was in the $500 range, but that’s how much I grew to rely on them. Now, after almost 20 years of using this mighty machine, the cost is actually minimal when you spread it out. I don’t have another small appliance that can make that claim.

There were several different kinds of blenders in my life up until that time which certainly served their purpose in making shakes and smoothies. That was all I thought they were good for until the Vitamix came into my life. I remember the first time that I saw the Vitamix demonstrated in Costco, I was spell-bound with all the things that it could do! I watched the demonstrator make delicious, nutritious smoothies with vegetables and fruit, ice cream with vegetables in it, too; soups and sauces and pico de gallo types of dishes that were not all pureed foods. I was amazed at the versatility.

There is even a second container that is recommended for making bread. I have it and, truthfully, have never used it – yet. We don’t eat that much bread in our house so it wasn’t so important for me to learn how to work with it, but I know that it can first grind the whole grains and then mix the dough right in the blender container. Dump it out, let it rise, punch it down, let it rise, bake and Voila! you have delicious homemade bread made with wholesome goodness.

My Vitamix is kept out on my kitchen counter because I use it practically every day. My favorite thing is to make healthy smoothies for us consisting of veggies, some fruit, coconut oil, eggs, and other yummy ingredients. I’ll post about that with some recipes that we like in another article. The size of this blender makes it easy to keep out on the counter for daily use even if you are enjoying RV living.

Another favorite use for our Vitamix is to make fresh nut milk, usually almond milk. Have you tried making your own almond milk? It is worth it. It can be a little messy – for me, anyway – but the finished product is really good, and you can control the flavor if you use vanilla, which I do. After the nuts have soaked, they go in the Vitamix with some water, dates for a little sweetness, and vanilla; blend that all together and squeeze it through a nut milk bag to get all the liquid out. It’s really delicious, and I love that it’s homemade – I know just what went into this milk. Nothing artificial. That’s the goal, right?

Making fresh soups is another fun thing to do with the Vitamix. Just put the cooked vegetables or squash or pumpkin in the container and puree them doing a small amount at a time that the container can handle easily. Season it to your taste, and enjoy the fresh goodness of your pure homemade soup. Usually, I have plenty to freeze for later meals which is always nice to do for yourself.

This kitchen tool is so easy to use, too. The few dials and knobs on the front of the blender are self-explanatory. High/Lo, Variable speeds, and the middle turn dial has speeds 1 through 10. You will learn quickly to always have that dial on 1 or 2 when you turn the Vitamix on AND the lid is on, ???? otherwise, this powerful blender will shoot all your goodies up to the ceiling and everywhere! Oops.  You only do that once – or twice, as in my case!  🙂

The blades are very strong, so blending and chopping up ice and nuts and beans are no problem for this workhorse. The Vitamix can make hot soup and it can make ice cream. Amazing, huh?

Can you tell that I’m a big fan of the Vitamix? Oh, and did I tell you that my late 90’s model is still going strong? Yep, I am so impressed with that. That’s about 20 years and it’s still working hard for us every day.

So, there you have it: my #1 kitchen tool is – drum roll, please – the Vitamix blender!

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