How We Are Getting Ready For Fulltime RV Living

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We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and for the last few weeks, we are actually planning how we are getting ready for RV living full time. More than just planning and talking about it, we are having conversations of RV organization regarding ideas of what items we already have that would work great in an RV.

Many families who hit the road with kids have a tougher time figuring out how to make everything fit for all the members in their family. We are a couple of senior folks who are getting closer each day to seeing their dream becoming a reality.

How to Learn RV Living

It takes some doing to learn RV living, and we have a long way to go before we are pulling out of our driveway for the last time. There is a lot to it, and we are in the throes of serious adaptation to a more minimalistic existence.

Presently, we are setting up for another yard sale this weekend, and this one will be a biggy!

We Put Up Our Yard Sale Signs

How we are getting ready for RV Living

We put up our yard sale signs and decided what things to sell and did our pricing. It’s a lot of work to sort through things and make the displays ahead of time. But, it is worth it.

We have an estate sale situation to contend with as Mom passed away last year. It is time now to deal with selling or donating a lot of the items that are here as well as years of collecting stuff in the outbuildings: one garage and three sheds all for the sole purpose or storing “stuff”.

You know what I’m talking about? The expensive cars and trucks sit outside in the driveway while the “stuff” is safely housed on the shelves and cabinets inside the garage and sheds. Isn’t that funny how we are? What’s wrong with this picture? Even the attic of the garage is full. This might take a while to empty out, but we are now up for the task.

In sorting everything out these past few weeks, they are earmarked for either “yard sale”, “motorhome”, or “donate”. All items have to go in one place or the other. We are really serious this time!

RV Motorhome Shows for Luxury RV and Accessories

So far we have only gone to one RV Show. We don’t have our new home selected yet, but we’re learning about the various features of the different brands and models. As I said, we have a lot to learn about RV Living and the vehicle that will get us there. It’s certainly a process. We’re doing our best to be patient and not jump too fast and make a big mistake.

Kevin has been researching a lot of online information which he repeats to me when he finds good stuff. Some wisdom he shared with me about full time rv living is to not buy too small and to not buy too big for your first motorhome. A couple might think that to economize on the first RV in order to “try it out” is a good way to go, but some have warned that they did that and regretted squashing themselves into something uncomfortable and not adequate for full-time living.

How we are getting ready for Full Time RV LivingOn the other hand, buying an RV that is too big can be expensive to operate, expensive for parking in motorhome parks, and may not be eligible to enter certain RV parks due to the size. There can be size restrictions for what is able to maneuver in some parks, so size does matter.

Traveling with Pets in Your Motorhome Life

Another consideration for those of us who would love to have a dog back into our lives again is that certain breeds of dogs are prohibited in some cities across the country. Isn’t that atrocious? Our beloved last dog was a Rottweiler and, of course, we would want another Rottweiler when we feel we are ready to have a dog with us again.

However, the Rottweiler is on many city’s lists as being restricted or prohibited. Crazy, but true – makes me really mad. Unfortunately, it’s a factor to be aware of before taking the big step of welcoming our next dog into our lives. In spite of that, traveling with a four-legged companion may just be a “must”. This is another part of how we are getting ready for fulltime RV living and another aspect that we have to learn.

Thoughts on RV Organization for A Couple

We are in the thinning-out-of-stuff stage at this time (see photo above of our yard sale last weekend). The kitchens and bathrooms are small in a motorhome – actually, everything is small as far as space goes. One of a kind of items will have to be sufficient which means down-sizing a lot of our kitchenware items. Oh, how will I be able to live without _________? This question has to be answered every time I pick up something that I really don’t use every day. Do I really need this thing at all anymore? Most times, the answer is No, so out it goes.

Thus, the yard sale. Wish me luck as we set up today for the next 2-day sale over the weekend. Whether we actually do buy an RV within the foreseeable future or not, this is a necessary step to moving forward. Unclutter the excess and simplify our lives. It’s therapeutic after the loss of a loved one and enables us to turn the page and start a new chapter of our lives. We’re SO ready for that!

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