Hair MakeOver – I Finally Did It!

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Ladies, do you know how it is when you get the idea in your head to get a hair makeover? You’re tired of the same old look every day and need a change. Well, that overwhelming, irresistible, compelling urge struck me recently, and I went for a hair makeover; from this to that…hair makeover beforehair makeover after

Since I injured my shoulder a few years ago, I wasn’t able to handle a curling iron anymore without the danger of really burning myself. So I decided to just let my hair grow long and use a flat iron to manage the unruliness of my hair instead. The way the flat iron is designed, I felt safe that if the edge touched my skin, I wouldn’t get a serious burn.




This worked for me for quite a while, and my long hairstyle was fun for a change. I could do a lot of different styles with long hair. I could wear it up, I could put it in a ponytail, I could pull it to one side and do a braid. I enjoyed the versatility of it.

Suddenly, however, that feminine urge popped up and said it’s time for a change. So I made the appointment – for that very afternoon! – and got it all cut off.

A couple of days prior, we were in a Starbucks and I noticed a woman with a really attractive hairdo. I asked her who does her hair and got the referral of the lady I wound up going to see.  I’m glad I did because I liked how she cut my hair, and she was friendly and easy to talk to. I always feel more confident when someone refers their stylist rather than going “cold turkey” to a shop or a stylist. I’ve done that in the past and swore never again!

Long Hair or Short Hair – Which Style is Better For Me?

Having short hair again is nice for a change, but it is limiting in the number of different looks I can have. It will take a little time to experiment with my new length and figure out what different styles I can end up with.  Oh, what’s a girl to do? Which side of the fence is really the better one to be on with our hairstyle? Long, short, what color… so many choices!

Is anyone of us really content with our own hair? Why is it that we are so quick to rebut a compliment about our hair and/or our looks with a self-denigrating comment? Why do we do that even when we know we look stunning at the moment?  :).  My husband tells me that I do that and I shouldn’t. So, I’ve since reminded myself at the time to just simply say “thank you”.  Much better way to handle a compliment.

Makeovers of any kind, including hair makeovers, improve a person’s self-esteem. It’s important to us what the image looking back at us in the mirror looks like. It starts with our adolescent years and never quits, no matter what our age, right? If we care about our appearance and want to always be putting our best foot forward, then fussing with our hair and makeup is just what we do.

My injured arm still makes fixing my hair a little bit of a challenge. In years past when my hair was short, the curling iron did a nice job. I can’t get the same result with the flat iron, but the flat iron does give a little bit of lift and does turn the ends. Both of them will fry the hair if used too frequently, so I’m trying to be mindful of that and just brush it out most days instead of curling each day like I did before.

What do you do when you get that urge to change something about yourself that just won’t be quieted? Is it your hair or your makeup or your nails or your figure?  Oh, we have so many choices!

The main thing to learn is to love yourself through all the phases of life. Those phases certainly do happen to us – there’s no getting around that, but loving yourself and liking yourself makes for a much more pleasant journey through this life.


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