Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee – Are There Any?

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Are there health benefits of drinking coffee in the morning other than the obvious wake-up boost it gives? We are happy to jump out of bed when there is a delicious, hot cup of coffee waiting for us. It’s our special time of the day to share our coffee together.

On the rare occasion when we’re traveling and don’t have immediate access to making our own fresh coffee, the morning just doesn’t seem right. Do you know what I mean? Coffee is just a necessary part of the morning ritual of starting the day on the right track. We wake up together sipping our coffee and planning our day.

More than the comfort that coffee offers, did you know that there are many health benefits of drinking coffee? Some I knew about and others were news to me. Listed below are just a few.

benefits of coffee for health

There Are Benefits of Drinking Coffee in These Categories:

Depression: Studies have shown that drinking at least two cups of coffee a day reduced the likelihood of depression by 15%.

Type 2 Diabetes: According to medical journals, coffee can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%. 

Endurance: Want to increase your endurance and stamina while working out? Drink a cup of coffee before your workout. You will see an improvement in your performance. A cup of coffee after a good workout will revitalize you.

Colo-Rectal Cancer: Drinking coffee has shown a beneficial result regarding CRC

Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis of the Liver: Coffee drinking has also been related to a reduced risk of different types of liver diseases.  (Coffee&Health)

Gall Stones: The habitual drinking of coffee has revealed a reduced risk of contracting gallstones and is even responsible for the contraction of some gallstones. (Coffee&Health )

Parkinson’s Disease: The AMA (American Medical Association) reports that drinking up to three cups of coffee a day can reduce your risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 25%.

Boosting Metabolism: The caffeine in coffee is known to boost metabolism which helps in weight loss. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which has shown to lower glucose and helps the sugar to get flushed out of the body.

Gout: Coffee has anti-inflammatory benefits and is attributed to reducing uric acid in the body which aggravates gout in middle-aged men.

Prostate Cancer: Speaking of men, a Harvard study advocates the drinking of coffee by men to reduce their risk of prostate cancer.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee in a Coffee Store

coffee storeWhat about the health benefits that people derive from taking time out of their hectic lives to enjoy coffee in a coffee store? To step out of the rat race just for a few minutes is a huge benefit by reducing your level of stress for starters.

The benefit of drinking coffee is a mood enhancer and an endurance enhancer, as mentioned above. We all have experienced a slump in our day, and an enjoyable cup of coffee can sufficiently lift our spirits and our energy. We’re ready again to take on the remaining challenges of the day.

The emotional stimulation that comes from sharing time with a special someone over a cup of coffee is undeniable. This is especially true when the environment is reeking of delicious coffee smells and a charming social ambiance. There is healing that takes place through several portals of human senses during this type of interaction.

The senses of smell, sight, sound, taste and even touch are all brimming with good, healthy responses. It’s such a positive experience that is pleasing to the masses; thus, you see coffee houses popping up everywhere – and these businesses are all doing extremely well.

I’m not exactly what you would call a “coffee snob”, but it is certain that I enjoy a good cup of robust coffee. The enjoyment of good coffee is heightened by the additional ingredient of someone special with whom to share this time.

This is definitely healing and therapeutic to one’s soul.

For me, coffee in the morning – it’s a MUST – but I’m game for having coffee anytime if it’s a setting as mentioned above. What could be better than that?  Good coffee, good people – better health – happy smiles!


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