For A Healthy Mind Do Ocean Therapy

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healthy mind ocean therapySome days, Life throws some things at us where we feel we are at an impasse – what to do?  So, what do we do for a healthy mind? We escape to the ocean. We are so fortunate that the ocean is only a 40-minute drive, and we go there as often as we can, or as often as work will permit to satisfy and calm our mind health.

There are certainly times when it’s best to “stay the course” and work through certain issues or dramas that arise, whether they be for yourself or are happening to someone in the family. Then, of course, in those situations, we buckle down and deal with it.

Well, the other day, our only course of action was to once again call on the ocean for some solace. For the sake of being aware of the health of our mind and body, we felt that that was the best action we could take. And it worked. We were refreshed and felt great on our way home. We told each other that we were glad we took the time to be soothed by the ocean once again.

What Do You Do For Your Mind Health?

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go when you’re stressed or at a crossroad? Some go for a walk in a park or ride a bicycle on a bike trail. Some go for a comfort food treat. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes we actually indulge ourselves in a hot chocolate – with whipped cream, too!!! Oh, we’re so bad!

We have favorite spots we like when we drive over to the coast. First of all, the drive is really beautiful. It doesn’t take long for us to be leaving the city and congestion behind and we start climbing up the coastal mountain range. Soon we reach the crest and the road drops us down onto the coast on the other side. Very often, there is fog on the top which is beautiful to watch as the fog drips over the mountain onto the inland side and then evaporates into the warmer air.

Once we get to the coastal highway, we have a choice whether to go north or south. Either direction offers something enjoyable for us to do, and either direction has several very nice seafood restaurants that we enjoy. After all, one has to eat, right? It’s only right that we eat seafood while visiting the sea!

North or South To Help Our Healthy Mind?ocean therapy

More often than not, we have been preferring to drive south which soon has us looking down from a bluff onto the breaking waves and the beaches. Sunshine or rain days, doesn’t matter – we enjoy the ocean anytime. On rainy days, the beaches are usually uninhabited with the exception of a few brave souls who don’t mind getting a little wet as they let their dogs run free for a while. We used to do that, too, until our beloved dog had to leave us and go to Doggie Heaven.  🙁

There are some wide turnouts along the highway that are safe to park and get out to look over the edge. We always have binoculars with us so we don’t miss out checking on what object we just saw breaking the water in front of us.

healthy mindWhat is it about the ocean that is just the right medicine for mind health? Is it the mesmerizing rhythm of the waves? or Is it the huge expanse of the ocean that helps to put matters into perspective? maybe it is the calming sound of the breaking surf that can lull you to sleep? Is it the birds flying or the sea lions swimming that makes us focus on them for a while and take our minds off the pressing issues that are stressing us out? Could it simply be going close to Nature for some comfort?

All we know is that the health of our mind is greatly improved whenever we take a little divergent trip to the ocean. We feel as though we’ve just taken some “healthy mind medicine”!

Is Food Your Healthy Mind Medicine?

If having a healthy mind for you involves good food, you are in good company. That is probably the #1 way that people soothe themselves during stress until they can work through the issue. We have certainly done that, too, and it works.

Sometimes for mind health, one simply has to calm down, take your mind off issues, and take on a short-term project that requires you to focus on what you are doing. Adult coloring books have become popular in the past few years, and here’s one called “Ocean Coloring Book For Adults” that combines ocean scenes and sea life which, together, work to produce a healthy mind.

Please share your “healthy mind medicine”. I’d love to hear what works for you. If the ocean is also your thing as it is ours, we certainly understand each other, don’t we?


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