WishGarden Herbal Extracts as Herbal Remedies

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wishgarden herbal extractsEach day offers an opportunity to meet new people and learn about new great products to talk about, and yesterday was a good example of this. We came across a line of (this is an affiliate link) WishGarden herbal extracts that were on display in New Leaf, a gourmet-type grocery store, in Santa Cruz. The attractive table caught our eye, and we stopped to get a better look at the display and the little brochures that were there.

A moment later, a lady introduced herself as Marguerite and began to explain what WishGarden herbal extracts are all about. At first, I thought the little bottles in the display were essential oils, which I really like, but Marguerite explained that they were herbal extracts and asked if we were familiar with herbal extracts. They are also referred to as herbal tinctures. The display had a sample of five different bottles, each labeled for its particular use.

Herbal Extracts Helps So Many Conditions

The WishGarden herbal extracts display was showing four categories: For Children, For Pregnancy and Lactation, For Women, and general. Each one has specific blends of the extracts with a list of the particular ingredients contained in each. Marguerite gave us a sample of two of them and explained how each is to be used.

One sample that we each tried was an herbal extract for stress. Sound interesting? Who is not dealing with stress in their life these days? So, that sounded like a very appropriate one to sample. It was called “Deep Stress, Herbs to normalize and relax the nervous system; turns down the volume on internal stress messaging!” That sounded really good and appealing to me. Marguerite put four or five pumps from the bottle into a small amount of water which we then drank like a shot. I have to say that I did notice a positive effect after taking this sample when I later realized how I was feeling. I didn’t feel uptight at all.

One of the main benefits of herbal extracts is that it is in liquid form and is utilized by the body immediately. It is not necessary for a tablet or a capsule to dissolve first as some other forms of herbal extracts might be. Liquid herbal extracts are instantaneously useful and very beneficial to the body.

Herbal Extracts In Liquid Form

WishGarden Herbal Extracts
WishGarden Herbal Extracts

Another herbal extract that we were interested in hearing about is called “Sleepy Night and Fresh Mornings”. A huge benefit of this product that Marguerite explained is that it enables restful sleep without a groggy feeling in the morning. On occasion, we would take a PM pill, but it would leave us feeling groggy for quite a while in the morning. This is not a very comfortable feeling, so something that helps with sleep and does not cause grogginess was appealing.

We talked with Marguerite for quite a while, and she was very knowledgeable about the various compounds and how they’re formulated to help children and pregnant women in a safe and natural way. Each blend is listed and explained in the brochures and in the website, of course, telling of the value to the body as well as all the different herbs that make up the herbal blend. And they taste good, too.

The founder of WishGarden herbs is located in Colorado, and she has a website and a blog that has a ton of information that really helps to understand how this came about, how the herbal extracts are prepared, and the benefits of each to the body and mind. Check her out at WishGarden Herbal Extracts.

I really like how each of the little brochures lists the various health and emotional situations that people are dealing with and how they can be helped with the specific blend of the herbal extracts.  Just looking at the one For Women, I wish I had known about these when I was going through earlier stages of womanhood to get relief from menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms, hot flashes, etc, which happen during the various phases of a woman’s life.

Herbal extracts are new to me, but I think I have found something that is going to be sticking with me for a long time. I like my experience with it so far, and I especially like that it is all natural and also is processed in a very natural way.

I’d love to hear your comments if you have had experience with herbal extracts yourself and if you have favorite ones and why.



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