How Not To Put On Weight During Holidays

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Are you one of those people wondering how not to put on weight during holidays? I am. Let’s be honest with each other: to avoid holiday weight gain is a scary prospect for so many people who have dedicated the whole year to losing weight. The idea of gaining any weight back is a terrifying thought.

Some may have committed to a holiday weight loss challenge. “Oh, WHY did I do such a stupid thing as to commit to losing weight now?” you say. It seemed like a good idea at the time and now you’re wondering if you’ll be able to follow through on your word.

How Not To Put On Weight During Holidays Is Hard For Me, Too

how not to put on weight during holidays table settingBelieve me, I am NOT A holiday weight loss expert. This article is not being written by someone who has all the answers! As a matter of fact, I decided to write about this because I want to learn some tips, too. This is a real challenge for me which gets even more difficult as the years pile up. It is true when “they” say that it is harder to lose weight the older you get.

Losing weight gets harder, for me anyway, because I don’t move enough. I spend way too much time in front of the computer every day which keeps me too sedentary. If my husband and I get out our exercise mats early in the morning and exercise together, I’m good with that. But once I get dressed, makeup on and hair fixed for the day, I’m not wanting to exercise unless it’s going for a walk.

Exercising Regularly to Lose or Maintain Weight

It’s the “regular” exercise for me that’s a challenge. My life has become anything but routine especially in the mornings which makes it near impossible to plan a regular exercise regimen. I haven’t wanted to discipline myself to the point where I get up extra early in order to fit exercise in if I know that there is an early morning commitment ahead. Years ago, I remember hearing Zig Ziglar saying that if he had an early morning appointment, he’d get up at 3 AM or 4 AM to get his run in for the day.

I used to do that. First thing after morning coffee I would put on my exercise clothes, put my bandana around my forehead and head for the outside exercise area. My dog, Roma, was eager to go there with me and be my Gatekeeper for safety. Now, honestly speaking, the best I can muster in my busy life is to lay the exercise mat down on the floor and do 20 to 30 minutes worth. It feels good, my body knows that I’ve done something beneficial, and I’m good to go for the day.

Following are 5 Tips to teach us how not to put on weight during holidays:

Tip #1: Establish A Plan

It’s no secret that during the holiday months there will be lots of yummy food made available for us to eat. It may be put in front of you at work, or while visiting family and friends, or just some tempting special holiday items on the restaurant menu. This doesn’t creep up on us. It happens every year, but if we make a plan ahead of time as to whether we are going to indulge or not, we can prepare our brain to make good decisions.

how not to put on weight during holidays turkey dinnerBefore putting yourself in front of the tempting food, decide if you will have soup and salad or the full-blown main course. Decide if you are going to indulge in dessert or just coffee. Plan ahead if you are going to order an appetizer or skip that part of the meal. Think about what you are going to drink; will you have alcohol or not – a sweet beverage or water with lemon.

Holiday Weight Loss Challenge Affects Us All

Then, when you are actually in front of the food or are holding the menu in your hands, it will be much easier to keep with your decisions that you have already made with yourself. This works for me every time so much so that I don’t even look at the menu. I want to keep with my resolve and not be tempted away from what I know I should do.

Tip #2: Move More

As I stated above (remember I am writing this for me, too), we cannot underestimate the healthful value in moving our body every day. If we can manage to do SOMETHING each day, we will soon see the positive result in our body. If we can’t manage that every day, then you can plan 3 or 4 days out of the week that you will take 20 to 30 minutes and move your body. Walking is great, so if that’s all you can fit into your day, that’s fine!

I’m reading more and more how heavy-duty, strenuous cardio workouts may be contra-productive if not harmful to our bodies. Thank you! Thank you! I can go with that! Yoga is a favorite of mine as well as body weight exercises. I have an injured shoulder so I have to be careful with some exercises. For a senior person, my knees are good but I am careful not to over-stress them with too many squats or lunges. So far so good, and I want to keep it that way.

How Not to Put On Weight During Holidays With Exercise

There are so many wonderful, free videos online for exercises that there is no excuse not to be able to exercise. No longer do we have to pay for gym memberships that we never get our money’s worth out of anyway! We can simply run a video on our computer or pop a DVD in the player, and we’re all set. No more excuses!

Tip #3: If Weekends Are Your Downfall, Watch What You Eat During The Week

If you find that this is true for you, then do what you can during the days when you have full control. Some people have big families or a big circle of friends that they join with on weekends for days of feasting. Remember in advance that these will be days of excess eating, so go light on your food intake the rest of the week.

how not to put on weight during holidays champagne toastLearn to love those salads for lunches and even for dinners. Enjoy soups that are more broth rather than creamy. Have oatmeal for breakfast instead of ham, eggs and hash browns with toast. Limit your alcohol intake during the week if you know that you will imbibe more on the weekends.

Tip #4: Water, Water, and More Water 

Keep yourself hydrated, and water is the best liquid to drink. This one is definitely a tip for me. It’s not that I don’t like water. I enjoy water. I just forget about it. Instead of taking a break to drink a glass, I keep working on the computer or whatever has my full attention, and hours will go by without drinking. Sound familiar? Is anyone else like me in that regard?

There are many times in the mid-afternoon that I think I need something to snack on. If I drink a glassful of water, I am satisfied and don’t even think of a snack anymore. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst, so definitely try this out and avoid consuming calories that you really didn’t want. Have a glass of water and then see if you are still hungry. You may find that you really don’t want anything more than just that glass of water.

Hydrating To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

At the risk of offending someone here, let’s talk about the value of hydrating our bodies for the benefit of being regular. You know what I’m talking about? THAT kind of regular? Water is super good for our bodies for many reasons, and this reason is certainly high on the list. I was once told by a lady in a health food store when I was looking for a product that was designed to help in this department that “you know, you can’t flush a toilet without water!” Need I say more?

Tip #5: Don’t Snack On Food Late At Night

Oh, this one is definitely talking to me! We like to watch our Netflix after we shut down for the day. Eventually, one of us will look at the other and say “I think I need a little something”. That’s all it takes. All bets for being “good” are off, and we both raid the kitchen to see what we can have for a treat.

This is against ALL the rules for losing or maintaining good weight! “Do not eat past 8 PM” they all say. Admittedly, when I am in the mode of checking the scale on a daily basis, I can see the result of either giving in to this bad habit or denying it. It’s hard to keep a strong resolve when your partner is happily munching on crackers and cheese in bed and you really want some, too!

I Am Not An Expert In How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

So, it’s clear to see that I am not an expert in this field or am talking with you as someone who has conquered all the pitfalls of the holiday weight loss challenge. But, I will tell you that to avoid holiday weight gain is very much on my mind as I look toward the coming months. As I come across winning recipes that are delicious and yet can help in this challenge, I will certainly be passing them forward to you. Let’s agree that we can do this!


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