Keto, Here We Come – Our Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle Begins!

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Our ketogenic diet lifestyle begins! With one more day of year 2017, we have made our decision of which eating plan we are going to follow with the advent of the new year, and that is the ketogenic diet plan.

In recent years past, we have followed vegetarian, vegan, just clean eating, ketogenic, and paleo, and we switched for various reasons. Sometimes, we had a trip that interrupted what we were doing faithfully, or recently a surgery was necessary and threw everything off kilter. But now we are ready to get back on track, and the chosen path for us is the ketogenic diet, or rather the ketogenic lifestyle.

So, what is Ketogenic Diet?

You may have seen the ketogenic diet plan (“keto” for short) written out like this:  LCHF.  This means low carbs high fat. There are tons of YouTube videos on the subject as well as items on Google, too. We first learned about keto from a friend of ours back in June of this year.

He couldn’t say enough good about how this major shift in his normal way of eating has helped his health issues disappear and has allowed him to get back on his mountain bike and ride like an animal again, which he wasn’t able to do for about six years.  

Our friend is 66 years old. He had a sparkle back in his voice as he excitedly told me all the good that has happened to him since he learned about keto. He was able to get rid of certain medications, he’s sleeping so much better, his skin issues have disappeared, and his energy level is back to where it was decades ago.

That was good enough for me to hear to encourage me to give ketogenic diet a chance for my husband and me. I did my own research online and listened to many doctors and scientists and nutritionists give their endorsement of keto because of many health benefits that went beyond just losing body fat.

Eat fat to lose fat!

sunflower seed butterHow many years have we all been led to believe that fat was bad? Decades ago, all we saw on the grocery shelves was non-fat this and non-fat that, low-fat this and that. Our healthy eating pyramid that was highly recommended by our government put fat on the “taboo” end of the spectrum with sugars and starches being the lion share of our diet plan. Look where that has gotten us. We are a nation of fat and sick people, and we don’t want to be part of that at all!

My husband and I are seniors who have lots of plans for our future and a long bucket list waiting for us. None of it would be possible if we don’t take care of our health and our fitness, so it’s vitally important that we get back on track.

Tomorrow will be my shopping day to get anything that I don’t already have on hand for our new, two-week keto challenge. We will be following which gives us everything we need to prepare and to be successful on the ketogenic diet. The meals look delicious, and I like that the dinners I make one night are enough for lunch the next day which really cuts down on food preparation.

Several months ago, when we followed, they had a 28-day challenge – four weeks worth of shopping lists and meal plans. We enjoyed the food very much, but I must confess that I did not lose weight over three of the four weeks that we followed the challenge. I was making myself discouraged when I got on the scale and finally gave up on it.  🙁

It is my guess that what I did wrong the last time we followed the ketogenic diet was to over-indulge in the food because I was thinking that I had to eat a lot of fats for my body to recognize that I was switching over from burning glucose (derived from eating carbohydrates) to burning fat, or ketones.

This time, I believe that I have more information about what to do and what not to do that I shouldn’t make the same mistakes. What encourages me to embark on the keto diet again is that not only are there so many testimonials of people losing weight but there are also many testimonials of serious health issues that have been reduced or reversed by eating this way.

You can read here about the keto diet from many renowned doctors who expound on the benefits of this “new” way of eating. I put it this way because it was actually to the public’s eye back in the early 1900’s but was quieted and quashed right out of popularity by lobbyists and large food conglomerates. If you want to learn more about how to prepare keto meals, click here for The Keto Diet book for more information.

Our bodies need certain environments to either thrive in a healthy existence or to be sick, and the environment depends on what we put in our mouth to fuel our bodies. You’ve heard the quote from Hippocrates:  “Food is your medicine and your medicine is food”. How true. We just have to learn what kind of food is the right medicine for us.

I also learned that there is no “one size fits all” diet plan. Our chemistry will be individual, the level of activity varies, our tolerance for certain foods differs – so we have to find what works for us.

Too much of the food that is in our grocery stores’ shelves are harmful to us – just look around at all the people who are struggling with their weight and their health. So, it’s up to us to figure out through research and through experimentation just what are the good foods that will make our bodies thrive so we can enjoy healthy eating and healthy living.

Reading food labels is mega-important! We really have to take that seriously! As you probably already know, there are sugar and grains in everything – foods that you’d never think had them as ingredients until you read the labels. I’ve been shocked so many times to read what’s in our food and realize that we can’t be nonchalant about making better choices about what we’re feeding ourselves and our families.

And that goes beyond sugars and grains. What in the world ARE all of these ingredients that we can’t even pronounce? Many of them, we’re told, are not fit nor designed for human consumption and yet, there they are. We must take this very seriously for ourselves because no one is doing it for us unless we do our own investigation.

So, tomorrow will be the start of our keto journey. Care to join us?


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