How to Make the Best Coffee in The French Press

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The French Press coffee maker requires a little bit of learning how to make the best cup of coffee to enjoy, but it is sure worth knowing. It was such a different process for us that learning how to use a French press coffee maker made our coffee in the mornings such a pleasure to wake up to. This is what we did and what items we bought to get a delicious cup of coffee, and I know you want that, too!

It didn’t take us long to become big fans of brewing our coffee in the French Press press. We had to experiment with a few recipes and ratio of coffee to water to get it just right. After all, if the first cup of coffee in the morning isn’t great, then what’s the point in getting out of bed? A couple of trial and error brews and we had it down. At least, we had the right measurements for THAT particular French press pot. You can find this coffee maker on Amazon by clicking here.

Soon, we learned that French press coffee makers come in all sorts of sizes and materials. We started out with a glass coffee maker which worked just great – for a while. When business trips began to pop up, we were in a dilemma. We are such coffee fans in the morning and have been trained not to trust the coffee in the hotel rooms being there or being enough or even being fit for human consumption. We realized that our French press was needing to be fit for travel: being packed safely in suitcases and then being manhandled as they’re heaved through the air onto the airplane cargo conveyor belt. You know; you’ve seen the YouTube videos, too!

So, if our glass French Press coffee maker was not a travel model, what could we do? The answer? Amazon, of course. We found that French press coffee makers are available in other material other than glass, so we ordered a stainless steel design from Amazon like this one. When you get one, too, you will no longer stress over a broken coffee pot when you unpack!  🙁

The first stainless steel French press coffee maker we bought was a little bit small. We would wind up making a full pot of coffee but then needing to add water and coffee for another half pot more. This was our routine for quite a while until we saw a larger stainless steel pot that would be just the perfect size.

Another purchase we found on Amazon was a Bodun mini two-cup French Press coffee maker. There are times when there is only one of us for morning coffee or maybe one of us feels like having coffee in the evening. No sense trying to figure out how to use a French Press for one or two cups in the full-sized maker; we could just use the mini one instead.

One more necessary kitchen tool that we needed to complement the French press coffee maker was an electric water kettle. We purchased this one from Amazon It is the Secura 1.8 Qt electric water kettle that is travel-ready. We have taken it with us on many trips so far, and it worked out fine. We looked for one that is large enough to fill our largest French Press pot so that the two would go hand-in-hand. So now our coffee making ensemble was complete.

Our collection now consists of two stainless steel French press pots and two glass Bodun French press pots. The large Bodun pot really has been replaced by the stainless steel models, but it is a really nice large size when you’re sharing coffee with friends.

There are countless coffee recipes that you can search for online, and I will tell you what we have found to suit our taste buds. The best morning coffee recipe that we love is two heaping soup-sized spoons full of Folgers Classic Blend and two heaping soup-sized spoons full of Don Francisco Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee. We actually tap the spoon holding the Folgers coffee a little bit on the edge of the container so it’s not exactly heaping because it can be a little bitter tasting if too strong.

For your convenience, I have added links to all of the products mentioned in order for you to find it immediately. I always appreciate when others do that for me.

My daughter calls this recipe “mud” and needs a half-cup of milk or cream when she has morning coffee with us, but we love a full-bodied cup of coffee to wake us up in the morning. Add a little bit of Half ’n’ Half or heavy whipping cream and Voila! – we are happy campers!

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