Pastorino’s Is A Popular Pumpkin Patch Near Me

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In our day road trip looking for a pumpkin patch near me, we visited Pastorino’s in Half Moon Bay. You can’t miss this popular pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay which is located on Highway 92 as you just come into the town. It’s been a favorite since 1957 when it was first established.

Pumpkin Patch Near Me Pumpkins on groundOf course, there are loads of pumpkin patches around the Bay Area for people young and old to visit and to buy their pumpkins for decorating or for eating. But this one is particularly attractive because they put pumpkins on the roofline and window sills of their little cottage that sits out front near the Highway for all to see. One can’t resist turning their head to see what all the splashes of orange there are that look so colorful and inviting.

This is a BIG Pumpkin Patch

We were amazed by how much there is to see here. Behind the front facade of their little, cute cottage, there is a train ride available for the whole family. The train meanders through the grounds and even into and through the huge barn which is also delightfully decorated. Some Halloween decorations are animated and come to life just at the right time to make someone jump as they walk by. Everyone laughs!

There are pumpkins galore all over the grounds behind the buildings. Big ones, small ones, odd ones, multi-colored ones all for making the Fall Season beautiful. They provided lots of walking trails throughout the pumpkin patch so visitors can get a good luck at all the varieties of pumpkins. Lots of people take one or many pumpkins home with them.

pumpkin patch near me pumpkins and squashWe like to put them out along our walkway to add a little seasonal color out front.  Next visit, I may grab some of the little ones for a colorful table display for Holiday dinners. There are really small pumpkins as well as colorful and gnarly-looking squashes and gourds. These always look attractive for the Fall Season.

Pastorino’s Even Has A Petting Zoo

Pumpkin Patch Near Me Petting ZooWho can resist a petting zoo?  I couldn’t! I just had to go through the swinging gate along with the little tots and parents to capture a sweet moment with the animals. There were some goats, a little pig, one great big rabbit and a couple of little ones, and some ducks. pumpkin patch bay area petting zooIt was small but still fun. The little kids were having a ball and really could care less about pumpkins anymore once they saw the live animals. (Uh, so where are the kids? Looks like the “Big People” were enjoying the petting zoo a whole lot more than the little guys!)

Pumpkin Patch Near Me Fall StoreThe barn was a series of little “stores” decorated for Fall but each with a certain theme that made each one a little different from the others. It was a Fall/Halloween wonderland! I like that kind of stuff and was smiling like a little kid. There’s even a haunted house, of course! Oh, what Kevin has to put up with!

Pastorino’s Pumpkin Patch Near Me

pumpkin patch near me bay areaPumpkin Patches in the Bay Area, or anywhere for that matter, are really a lot of fun. I’m very fortunate to have such a nice pumpkin patch near me. Up until recently, I thought that a pumpkin patch was only for kids and didn’t bother to stop, but now I know better!

We don’t have little kids of our own to bring to pumpkin patches, so we sort of “borrow” the happy faces on the little ones who are there with their family. It’s a fun place to people watch especially when the pumpkin patch has as many fun features to enjoy as Pastorino’s does.

Even the grown-ups have a good time. They will make use of the little wagons that are provided for their selection of pumpkins and squashes sometimes filling the wagons to the brim. They carefully scrutinize several to be sure they are picking the very best ones for their intended purpose.

Lots of Fall and Halloween Decorations

pumpkin patch near me halloweenThese decorations will convert to Thanksgiving at the turn of the calendar page which won’t be too hard to make that change. People are still wanting to buy pumpkins and squash through November until Thanksgiving. So this is a rather long Holiday period to be able to display all their hard work. I couldn’t help but think of all the effort it will be to take all that down, pack it away for next year, and do a similar outstanding decorating display for Christmas.

I’ll have to check in a few months to see if Santa Claus drives the train! The kids would love that!

We got there a little late in the day, but the pumpkin patch even had a little cafe where one could buy… take a guess…. You got it! Pumpkin Pie! I would’ve been a customer if they were still open. We’ll just have to come back. They also have a little general store which looked really old-fashioned and cute; like stepping back in time. I like that, too.

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