5 Reasons Why An RV Is In Our Future

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Here’s a secret that not everyone in our family knows about: we are doing the research and planning on getting an RV in the foreseeable future. The reason an RV is in our future is that we plan to live in one full time and make it our home on the road. We toured an RV show this weekend and got more motivated about this new lifestyle.

5 Reasons Why An RV Is In Our Future

Reason #1:  There are so many wonderful places in this huge country of ours that we still have not yet visited, and we want to see many of them before we can’t. There have been a lot of great places that we visited because of business, but you probably know how that goes – you fly into the airport, take a shuttle to the hotel for business. There’s usually no spare time for sight-seeing, or very little if that, and then it’s back to the airport you go.

It would be nice to go back to some of those places and to stay awhile. Our list is long of places that we want to see and explore. When we get there, we would like to be able to stay for as long as we like and really enjoy it and learn all there is to know before heading out to a new adventure. This is a nice goal for us to have.

Reason #2:  We have family and friends scattered all across the country. Many of them have not crossed our path in a long time – way too long. We’d like to fix that. Rather than inviting ourselves into their homes, we can visit with them while living in our own RV home. This is the best of both worlds. We get to enjoy the company of these special people while not being invasive in their space and their routines.

For too many years, we have been unable to travel but now we see the road opening up for us in the not-too-distant future. We value friendships and look forward to connecting again with friends and family. 5 Reasons RV In Our Future - Inside An RV

Reason #3:  We will meet many people who will have stories to share with us about their healthy living that I can share with you. These people will be part of the RV community that will soon be our new circle of friends. They will be like-minded inasmuch as they, also, are full-time RV’ers and will share their motivation for making the drastic change in their lifestyle. I expect that they will be active people who are interested in eating good and taking good care of their bodies. Look forward to some very interesting and lively interviews coming up.

Reason #4: Different parts of the country specialize in different foods. I will be an avid student of different culinary dishes and styles of preparing foods as we meet both professional cooks and casual bbq-ers across the country. That will be a lot of fun to do possibly being able to reverse engineer some of the dishes and figure out the ingredients and recipe! Yes, I will share!

There will be a learning curve to cooking in an RV. The prepping and cooking space will be small. All of the cooking utensils will have to be small, too. Just another adjustment to be made for an RV lifestyle.

It’s so much fun to try out different dishes of food and to learn about it right on location. I’m the one in the kitchen asking to help prepare the food and wanting to learn about different spices and seasonings and different styles of preparation. There’s so much to learn especially when you’re in a totally different environment and maybe even a different ethnic community.

Reason #5: It’s time for us to move on to less-crowded neighborhoods. We live in such a desirable area of the country that it seems everyone is moving here. The California weather gets a lot of attention in the winter when other parts of the country are shoveling out from their snow storms and Californians are already basking in the sun and enjoying water sports! It’s undeniably nice but we locals would like less congestion on the roads and anywhere else that we’d like to go.

The “grass is greener” kind of thing, right? Let’s see what it’s like in other parts of the country. Might be the same in some cities that are also desirable places to live. We just want to find out.


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  2. Tom Simonson | 15th Feb 18

    Hi Christine I have also thought of getting a smaller RV and take it around the country when it is time to travel… like yous aid live in it for a while and decide where in this huge country you might like to live.

    • Christine | 15th Feb 18

      Hi, Tom. Thanks for writing. It seems there’s an RV for every different need and purpose; a size and features to match ones’ budget and intentions. I’m glad we’re allowing us a lot of time to do our homework because there’s a lot to look at and many decisions to make. Maybe we’ll see each other out in the big beyond! 🙂

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