Visit One Of The Santa Cruz Seafood Restaurants

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Visit one of the Santa Cruz seafood restaurants when you are thinking about things to do in California. Even in California, you need the right clothing to walk on the boardwalk for your photography expeditions. The food in the seafood restaurants is all worth it.

There are times when we drop everything to drive over to the ocean, specifically Santa Cruz, to enjoy fresh seafood at some of our favorite restaurants. Even throughout the summertime, we have learned to pack some warm clothing as the ocean breezes can be chilly when they come in off the ocean.

Here is a very nice book from Amazon that is full of information as to where to go, what to do, and especially where to find delicious seafood cuisine to enjoy while in the Monterey Bay area This area is a little south of Santa Cruz and may be another coastal spot to enjoy.

Santa Cruz Seafood Restaurants Johnnie's Harborside Restaurant

Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor

Just the other day, the Santa Cruz seafood restaurant of choice was Johnnie’s Harborside Restaurant for a delicious lunch. What did we have, you ask? Well, we had a repeat of what we ordered the last time. This was good enough to leave a favorable impression in our mind so much so that we’re coming back for it again.

Two things, actually: a baked, stuffed avocado with crabmeat, shrimp, and cucumbers. The other is one of our all-time favorites at any seafood restaurant is Fried Calamari. This is an exception to our rule of avoiding fried foods. Good calamari is hard for us to pass up, and Johnnie’s Harborside serves a good dish.Johnnie's Harborside Stuffed Avocado

Johnnie's Harborside Fried CalamariThe location of this restaurant is really nice. It’s a two-story building with the restaurant on the upper floor that has large windows surrounding the dining room. This looks out over the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor where occasionally we might get a sighting of a seal, sea lion or sea otter swimming around amongst the private and commercial boats.

Johnnie's Harborside Harbor View Santa CruzThis yacht harbor is split by the main road separating the South (or “Lower”) harbor and the North (or “Upper”) harbor. I always wondered how the sailboats on the North harbor get out to the ocean as there is no other access than under the bridge. This last visit we were able to see for ourself how this works. Of course, the only solution is that the main mast on the sailboats has to be lowered. We were able to see how this is done from the restaurant window as a sailboat went by. I really didn’t know the mast was able to be moved like that, but -duh! – how else could it work? Question answered.

Some Other Favorite Santa Cruz Seafood Restaurants

There’s another Santa Cruz seafood restaurant a little further down the road and at the ocean side of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor called Crow’s Nest. Its ambiance is a little more formal with prices commensurate with the linen tablecloths. The food is good there, too, and is a nice change at times.

A favorite Santa Cruz seafood restaurant that we have frequented several times now is Riva’s on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We discovered this restaurant earlier this year in January and fell in love with their Stuffed Chiles dish. Santa Cruz Seafood Restaurants Riva's on the BoardwalkThere are so many other seafood restaurants on the Santa Cruz Wharf, but we enjoy Riva’s so much that we haven’t felt like trying out any others. Here is a great book from Amazon that can guide you on your visit of the Monterey Bay Peninsula.

Riva’s dining room is also a really nice vantage point for looking out over an area where boats can tie up to the mooring balls provided them. There’s lots of wildlife in this area from shorebirds to a huge community of sea lions who nap and bark underneath the wooden beams holding up the Boardwalk. Santa Cruz Sea Lions

Santa Cruz Sea Lions Under BoardwalkThere are certain spots where you can look over the edge and watch them napping. Actually, they are trying to nap as other seals and sea lions crawl over them to get their place in the sun, too.

We Enjoy a Day Trip to Santa Cruz

From Half Moon Bay all the way to Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove, the California coastline has many favorite spots that we enjoy for day-trip getaways. We are fortunate to be so close to natural beauty and wildlife that attracts people from all over the world.

Santa Cruz SeagullWhether it’s the Santa Cruz seafood restaurants we are after or just a need for an “ocean fix”, the coast is our go-to place for a brief but much-needed refreshing once in a while. What’s your favorite place?

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