Setting Goals for 2018 – Did You Set Your Goals Yet?

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Happy New Year’s Eve to you! Yes, another end of a year is here, believe it or not! It is so true that the older we get, the faster the years zip by. We have to treasure our time and make the best of every day, and that can happen best when we make a good habit of setting goals for our life.

As for goal setting, years ago when I had my business, I faithfully wrote down my goals for the upcoming year both personally and professionally. At the end of that year and just before writing new goals, I’d review those goals and would always be astonished that I far surpassed the goals I had set. It was really amazing! Of course, I reviewed my goals throughout the year as well to keep me on track, but the end of the year was always a highlight when realizing that the big goals that I had set at the beginning of that year had become the bottom rung of my next goals.

When my business ended, so did my good habit of setting goals. It’s really been years since I took it seriously again, but this New Years Eve is different. I now have the future of my blog, this blog – Christine’s Healthy World –  fresh in my hands, and I am excited about the relationship that I want to build with you for the long term. Thus, goal setting has now been resurrected!

Lots of Helpful Information on Setting Goals

setting goalsThere is much to read and learn from others about goal setting, but something that I recently heard repeatedly is to not be afraid to set high goals for yourself but to also make smaller, intermediate goals to get you there. This is really important because if you start out aiming super high in one fell swoop, that generally will not happen. When you realize that you are falling short of reaching your big goal, you will find yourself disappointed, discouraged, and will run out of steam to keep going. Don’t let this happen to you.

Don’t settle for “realistic” goals, otherwise what’s the point? You want to stretch yourself, right? Nothing changes in your life until and unless you make some changes happen by taking action, otherwise your life stays in a stagnant rut. But help yourself along that path of your big goal by making intermediate milestones that, once reached, will continue to propel you forward to the next intermediate milestone. On and on you’ll go until you ultimately reach that super big goal, and then you can set an even higher one.

Some of My Goals That I Will Be Defining Today

So, my areas of improvement for which I will set goals are the forever weight loss one that pops up for us so many years. Fortunately, I don’t have a huge amount to shed, but I want them gone! Additionally, I want to commit to diligently writing here and providing better and better information, resources, products and tools to make your experience with Christine’s Healthy World a pleasant and enriching one for you.

Along with getting rid of some pounds, I will make a commitment regarding moving my body more on a daily basis. Too often, I tether myself to my computer early in the morning and stay with it throughout most of the day. I forget to drink water while I’m working, and I forget to get up and walk around, let alone doing an exercise routine.  This has to stop.

My husband will often recognize this and bring me some water with the encouragement “Drink your water!” I appreciate so much that he does that, but then I go back to what I was involved in and quickly forget to drink the water. So, my goal will be to drink “x” number of glasses of water a day and to at least walk for 30 minutes a day – at least! I always feel so much better after I workout, don’t you?

As a senior citizen, I want to share a lot of the movements that help my body be flexible, limber, pain-free, youthful and toned. In spite of the fact that I’ve ignored doing these movements for a while, my goal is to get back to them and to share them with you. Age doesn’t mean that we become unable to have a healthy and vibrant body. Quite the contrary, so let’s do this together.

Also, I will be setting goals to learn technology much better so that I will be able to make videos to show you about exercise, preparing and cooking recipes, shopping, walking, traveling… just a lot of where Life takes me/us this new year. I love seeing videos of people I follow online, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy coming along with me, too.

Have You Written Down Your Goals For 2018?

It’s apparent that I’m not putting down specifics here for each of my goals in order for you to become my Accountability Partner. That’s only because I still have to firm that up for myself. Throughout today, I will be filling the gaps of these various categories and nail down the targets of my goals so that I can post them in a conspicuous spot where I will see them often and be reminded of them.

I encourage you to prepare your goals today, even if it’s one thing – just get started. You will be happy that you did. There’s a power in the written word, so you must write it down. You don’t even have to share it with anyone other than yourself. Review it frequently to keep it fresh in your mind so you can give it energy and Life!

Let’s make 2018 a super year for us all!


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