Shopping In Bass Pro Shop Is Like Going To A Museum

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Recently, we visited a local Bass Pro Shop to look for items that we would want to put on our motorhome when we get one. Bass Pro Shop used to be a favorite outing when we lived in the Phoenix area because that store also has a restaurant. We could practically make a day out of a trip there.

If you’re looking for anything outdoors related, Bass Pro Shop should definitely be one of your shopping places. They have everything from clothes, camping gear and equipment, bass fishing boats (go figure!), everything fishing, everything hunting… even off-road vehicles.

The big attraction for me, though, I must admit is the decor of the store. It is like going to an outdoor museum and not just a store. The store entrance sets the tone for the inside. As you approach, you just know that something special is waiting to greet you on the other side of the door. Bass Pro Shop does not disappoint! Come with me and I’ll show you what we experienced.

Bass Pro Shop Is An Indoor-Outdoor Wonderland

This Bass Pro Shop that we visited is in Northern California. It does not have a restaurant as many of the stores do, but you don’t feel deprived at all. The minute you enter the store, you are greeted by a warm setting as if you were visiting a lovely log cabin. The huge fireplace is there – not lit yet because it’s still 80 degrees outside – but you feel warm anyway.

Bass Pro Shop front of store

Bass Pro Shop near front entry

Bass Pro Shop fireplace in entry

My iPhone was getting a workout as I looked around the store. The building is very tall, and no space is wasted. There are settings everywhere with full-sized taxidermy displays of many kinds of animals and fowl.

Bass Pro Shop Dall Sheep

At the back of this Bass Pro Shop, there are stairs and elevators available to help you to the upper levels. It is set up as a very rustic scene with animals – even a cave!

Bass Pro Shop Looking to Back of Store

There is even a waterfall and huge aquarium with lots of fish big and small. Imagine! There’s even a meandering stream through the store with live fish (rainbow trout, I think) enjoying their home. Oops, maybe they were Bass! LOL!Bass Pro Shop fish in stream

Walk Upstairs In Bass Pro Shop And You’re In A Cave

When walking upstairs above and around the aquarium, we had to walk through the cave underneath the waterfall. You really get the feel of actually being in the wild! It’s really a wonderful setting.

Once upstairs, you have a bird’s eye view of the whole store. It’s open, beautifully decorated everywhere you look. The assortment and variety of goods lets you know that whatever you’re looking for should be found somewhere on their shelves or racks.

Bass Pro Shop Even Has Home Goods And Christmas Decorations

Bass Pro Shop candle displayThink of something you may want to buy and they just might have it. I saw a candle display that had beautiful Fall colors – my favorite! There was a large alcove nearby that was dedicated to Christmas decorations that you would want in your home.

Every part of the store had a warm feeling, an inviting feeling that makes you just want to pull up a chair and stay a while. That’s exactly what we did, too. We weren’t in any hurry, and the environment was such that you didn’t want to rush to do anything. Just hang out for a while.

This excursion gave us a lot of ideas of items that we would want to put on the motorhome and for outdoor living when boondocking. Additionally, we looked at kayaks and life vests that are a definite addition to our nomad lifestyle soon to happen.

A Bass Pro Shop Promotion For Memphis

One of the employees asked if we had ever been to their Headquarters store in Memphis, which we have not. That Bass Pro Shop is housed in what once was a sports stadium, and it’s huge. The store is huge, it has a restaurant, and to fill up the rest of the enormous space there is a hotel to accommodate its visitors. When we get motoring in the eastern side of our country, we will have to add this to our list of places to see.

Kudos to whoever created the Bass Pro Shop and for the design of how the wildlife is integrated into the environment of the store. The ambiance is certainly appealing to me.

The animals on display are postured in such a natural pose and setting. Bass Pro Shop elk with odd formed antlerCheck out this elk’s antler! This elk is showing off its special headpiece of the year which is very unusual. The mountings are perfect – you expect the animals to move and make sounds at you. They’re really beautifully displayed in a little scene that would be their natural setting. Bass Pro Shop elk scratchingAnd this other elk seems like it will stand back up after it finishes satisfying its itch.

We will certainly visit this store again soon whether we have an excuse for shopping for something or just to enjoy the store for how it is. Thanks again, Bass Pro Shop! We’ll be back!

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