Steps To Take To Get Temporary Residence Visa In Mexico

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Are you loving Mexico and plan to spend a lot of time there? You may be wondering what steps you need to take to get your temporary residence Mexican Visa.

Last year, Kevin and I decided to look into getting our temporary residence visas because we planned on visiting Mexico frequently and spending quite a lot of time there in anticipation of possibly relocating to Mexico full time

A local man was referred to us whose business it is to assist foreigners in doing the paperwork and guiding them through the process. With his help last year, we were able to obtain a one-year visa which expired in July 2019. 

How Do You Get a Temporary Residency Visa in Mexico?

This year, we returned to Cabo San Lucas in time to renew our visas prior to July and to purchase a 3-year visa. Read our post about our extended road trip which led to spending time in Cabo San Lucas.

We had hoped that the same man who helped us last year would help us again through this process. I prefer to by-pass an ugly, unhappy story about this person and would rather be positive instead. I’m happy to say that at the 11th hour, we met a lady who we now refer to as our Guardian Angel!

Martha Sandoval Is Our Guardian Angel Who Helped Us Get Our Visa

Our “Angel” is Martha (pronounced Marta) Sandoval who we met at the Immigration Office in Cabo San Lucas. She helped us successfully get our visas. Martha, you rock! You really saved the day for us! 

We asked Martha if we could interview her and let our readers know about her and the competent services that she provides. She is the real deal! We are grateful to have met her and that we are the benefactors of her efficient handling of the matter. 

It was easy to realize that her reputation was respected in the office of Immigration in Cabo!

I was happy to be able to interview Martha and to provide that interview for you here. I hope this helps many of you better understand the process of getting your Mexican visa. It can be a daunting experience for some, especially if you try to do this yourself. I would highly recommend Martha Sandoval to help you.

Interview with Martha Sandoval for Obtaining A Mexican Visa

Me:  I would like to know how you got started in the business or when you got started in the business

Martha: Well, I got started in the business around maybe 20 or 30 years ago. My boss wanted to start a business here in Mexico and so it started with him. Then he talked about me with other friends and so I started helping the other people. Working with him and also helped his friends. And then people talk about me with the other people and that’s how I started my business. 

Me. Just word of mouth. What better recommendation is there?

Martha:  Yeah better –  probably the best recommendation when people say good things about you.

Me: So what would you say is the way, the proper way, for somebody who’s immigrating here to get started?

Martha: Well, now it is different – very different from two years ago. The first step, you have to go to the Mexico Consulate to start the process for temporary or permanent residents. 

Me: They first have to go to the Mexican Consulate where they live?

Martha: Yeah, where they live.  I always say, for me, I think the better Mexico Consulate for ease and fast is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Me: It can’t be here in Mexico?

Martha: No, the first step is to start the process in the Mexican Consulate where they live. There you apply for either temporary or permanent visa. Temporary is for the first time for you to apply. Then at the time of that year’s expiration, you can renew for one, two, or three years in advance. After four years, you can apply for permanent. Okay? Or if you can prove you have a retiree income, or have money in a savings account,  or you have property in Mexico, you can apply for permanent.

NOTE:  The cost for renewal of Temporary Resident Visas for 2019 is approximately: 
Three years:  7900 pesos
Two years:  6250 pesos
One year:  4150 pesos

Permanent has no expiration date; only have expiration if for a child, up to four years if permanent for the parents are permanent from the time in four years they can have renew for the same price. Very Nice. So there are two ways to have a temporary permit. Or for example, if you apply for temporary at the Mexican Consulate, you come back to Mexico with your temporary, if you can prove you’re married with a marriage certificate, you can give it to your husband – the temporary visa here in Mexico. He will not have to go back to the Mexican consulate in America. You can give it to him or your kids younger than 18 temporary if y.ou prove with a birth certificate apostaled in Spanish or the marriage certificate. Same apostale.

Me. Okay. But if an American is here, living here temporarily and they want to apply, they have to leave here and go to the States to the Mexican Consulate there and apply.

Martha: Yes, right. That’s the first step.

Me: Okay, because we did that, and a Mexican friend here said No, you didn’t need to do that. You can do it right here. And I said no, not anymore.

Martha: Not anymore. It used to be that way, but not now. But, if for example, you don’t want to both go to the Consulate, they don’t want to do it together, only one can do it. Only one applies. He can give it to the wife – Temporary resident – only if you prove with a marriage certificate apostaled here in Mexico.

Me: Do you have to be married here?

Martha: No, no, married in America. Okay, wherever, but they have to prove they are married with a marriage certificate.

Me: So at the end of the four years – like us – we did one year and then we did three years – at the end of that what is the timeframe to apply for permanent 

Martha: Okay, one month before the expiration, you can apply for permanent. One month before or on the day it expires. Same thing like you did: application form, passport photos, copy of utility bill, and the payment of immigration fees.  I don’t want to say how much the fees are because they change. For instance, this year is 5056 pesos for a permanent resident visa.

Me: With permanent, there is no expiration, right? Once you have that, you can stay here or leave here for as long as you want.

Martha: Yes. Okay. stay or leave as long as you want. Easy. Easy when you know the rules. If you know when the document will expire, it is easy, but if your document expired in America, you have 30 days to renew the documents.

Me: And How long does the process usually take after you apply?

Martha: 10 to 15 days. But you know sometimes it takes more time. For example, these days immigration doesn’t have too many people to handle the process because they sent a lot of people to Mexicali for all the different kinds of immigrants coming from South and Central America to come into Mexico. So there is only one person working with all the process right now. That paperwork could take maybe a month or month and a half to be documented.

So, that’s why now it takes so long but normally takes 10 or 15 days.

Me: What else should somebody know if they are new to this?

Martha: I can’t think of anything else. It’s pretty easy.

Me: What is the best way to find you? Do you have a website?

Martha: I don’t have a website. Most people reach me by word of mouth or they can send me an email or call me and we can make an appointment and start the process here. 

I don’t receive my fees until after I do my work. I don’t like to receive all the money and the people may think I’m going to run with the money. I need payment for the Immigration forms paid upfront, but my fees get paid at the end.

We cannot start the process If we don’t have a payment with the application. The only exception with this is if you go to the counter with your Visa card and show that it will expire the next day or that day, they will start the process and send you an email in about 10 days to say bring in a copy of your CFE bill, your passport-type phots, and the fees to get your new card.

Me: Anything else we should know?

Matha: Well, the other type of visa is to work for a company, for permits to hire for people to this not have although there are times like But yeah was it more important Temporary, permanent, and the time for expiration temporary is four years to be a permanent, and permanent has no expiration date.

When you go to the Consulate in the States, you have to bring your passport, two passport photos, the completed application, last six months bank statements, and a fee of $36.

And then very important:  When you come back to Mexico with the Visa attached inside your passport show the visa to the immigration officer at the airport. Then they give you a tourist visa that is good for 30 days. You have 30 days to change the paper visa in to Immigration for your plastic card. 

If you drive, you have to stop in immigration for the stamp in your passport for the tourist visa. If not, you cannot process at Immigration for your plastic card. Your stamp is good for 30 days. This is at the U.S. border crossing. 


How To Contact Martha Sandoval, Immigration Professional Services, in Cabo

 Here is Contact Information:
Martha (pronounced Marta) Sandoval
Immigration Professional Services
Temporary Residence
Permanent Residence
US Visas
Property Taxes
(624) 1255-2289

Please be sure to let Martha know you heard about her through this blog.

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