Transparency: My True Confessions for the New Year

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We all have best intentions on January 1st for our New Year’s Resolutions, don’t we? I sure do every year, and most years I do really good.  This is a different kind of year, however, and I must confess to you that I’m not starting out so great.

The first few days – actually the first couple of weeks – were pretty much on target with all of the different aspects of my resolutions as I shared with you in my post about goal setting. So, what happened?  Well, simply put:  Life happened.

There were several family issues that demanded my attention, time, and travel. I try to always “be there” for my family and usually can be, and this time was no exception. I put on my Super Woman outfit and was off and running to do whatever it was I could do. I’m happy to report that 90% of it turned out to have a happy ending and a successful outcome. The other 10% … well, time will tell how that turns out.

Life Happens!

I was recently reading some blog posts that have jolted my thinking, and thus the reason for this post. The previous few paragraphs here were not shared with you to represent excuses or rationalizations. Sometimes things just happen that take you away from your purpose for that day.

Here is what I learned – or rather was reminded of just the other day:  Eat your frog for breakfast.  Funny saying, isn’t it? Have you read the book “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy?  My husband and I read it several years ago. All of his material is so worthwhile, and this book was, too. The point of the title is to get your hardest, most difficult tasks of the day done early in the day, ie: for breakfast.

It’s an important lesson that clearly needed to be brought to my attention. Even though I was called away to help others, I could have taken the time in the morning before the daily chaos began to sit and enjoy some time with you first. I could have and should have done that.

Urgent vs Important – What To Do?

If we forget to prioritize our tasks and our Life, it is so easy to stray away from the important things and do the urgent things instead. Many times, what we considered to be urgent really was not. So now we’ve missed some golden opportunities that are gone forever.

When we prioritize our tasks, it should be with enough conviction in our mind that we will make the time available to complete the task. This could mean getting up extra early in order to work on that task when we know our day is going to be preoccupied with some diversion. When I do this, I always feel like giving myself a thumbs up because I was in control, and that gives us a feeling of satisfaction and reward.

So, all of that to say that I am getting a slow start this January with getting on track. I have not enjoyed my time writing every day this month as I wanted to do, and I have been undisciplined some days in eating right. I had such good success with the eating plan I laid out for myself at the beginning of the month, but then I went slack on that. Those hot chocolates sure were good, though!  Hahaha!

Love Yourself Through It All! 

The best thing to realize is that we still love ourselves even when we let ourselves down a little bit, right? We are not to beat ourselves up over these types of things but rather to encourage ourselves and know that tomorrow starts with a clean slate. I love that about the mornings. They are a clean slate for us to shine once again. There are lots of thumbs up and  “attaboys” waiting, and they will never run out!


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