Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet and Lean Belly

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With a new year comes weight loss, ketogenic diet, and lean belly – that’s what’s on our minds now, right? Today is day 3 on my new weight loss ketogenic diet plan. So far so good. My husband is doing good on it – not having hunger spells and neither am I. Actually, I don’t have much of an appetite especially for breakfast, which will certainly help a lot towards weight loss, and that is what I want to see happen.  🙂

You would think that since I’m cutting out our late-night snacks that I’d be starving by the time breakfast rolls around, but I’m really not. This is the one meal, however, that I will practically force myself to eat something anyway because it is important. The Diet Doctor says to eat when hungry and eat until you are satisfied, but even though I’m not really hungry for breakfast, I feel almost obligated to start the food and digestion cycle for the day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to write your comments below. I’d appreciate hearing from you.

As I’ve mentioned in Keto, Here We Come, there are many claims of health benefits with the ketogenic diet with only one of them being weight loss. Losing weight alone, though, may not be all that you would like to accomplish. If we combine losing weight with a proper exercise and fitness program, now we’re on to something! Say hello to that lean belly and small waistline that we all want for looking great.  weight loss light lunch

Our Bodies Deserve to Be Kept Strong, Agile and Healthy!

Our bodies need to be fit to be strong, agile and healthy, and we’re going to be looking at some helpful information and products to help us get there. I know, you’re not wanting me to use the “e” word – exercise, that is, but it’s time, dear Reader, that we face it together. Exercise or fitness or whatever you choose to call it must become a part of our life, and the older we get, the more vital it is to incorporate into our daily routines just like brushing our teeth.

An important reason for exercising and healthy eating is getting our bodies to a lean belly for a more attractive appearance but for better health, too. I would bet that you have been seeing articles online about the lurking danger that belly fat indicates is building in our body and should not be overlooked. I’ll have some more to write to you soon about getting that lean belly again which will be something that we can work on together.

Now, I can’t pose as an example right now because I am still recuperating from a surgery and can only walk, but there’s nothing wrong with just walking as your “go-to” daily activity, either. Walking is great. I remember as a runner years ago being told when I had to slow down to a walk to catch my breath that walking is just as good – it just takes us longer to get to the end.

Find a Weight Loss Exercise Routine That Suits You So You’ll Stick With It

Soon I’ll be able to get back to more physical activity, which I will, and will be able to talk about what I’m doing. Some of my favorite activities before my surgery included stretching, yoga, short 3- to 10-minute exercise routines that I followed online. I also like jumping on the rebounder – used to go crazy on the rebounder and felt so good after that workout.

There are some new programs that I have my eye on and will be sharing those with you in case they ring your bells, too. With exercise, there’s always something for everybody – or every body – that we enjoy and will stick with. That’s really the key, isn’t it, that we find something we will stick with.

My husband and I bought hybrid mountain bikes last year and only had time to use them once! Isn’t that awful? We do intend to change that within this new year. We have some pretty good biking trails nearby that are safe, so we’ll be getting back to bike riding soon.

My lifestyle has become one that is much more sedentary than my husband’s purely because I’m doing more online things, and he is doing more outdoor things. I lose all sense of time when I’m working on the computer which many days obliterates my workout time. This is another goal that I mentioned in my goal setting post which I know I must rectify.

So, stay tuned for more on exercise and fitness, lean belly and weight loss. Let’s do this!


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