What Should I Change In My Lifestyle For Prediabetes?

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You are freaking out! You are wondering what should I change for prediabetes? Your last visit to your doctor left your head spinning with this scary news that you are diagnosed as prediabetic, and you’re scared.

Note of Disclaimer: I am not a physician, and nothing I write here should be construed as medical advice. Check with your own physician if this applies to you.

Prediabetes means just what it says: It is a condition, that if left unchecked, will lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Prediabetes is a serious condition, but the good news is that you have it in your control to take positive measures to reverse and eliminate this condition. Click here for Amazon book “Prediabetes: A Complete Guide” for helpful, valuable information.

What should I change for prediabetes?

“Pre”-diabetes means it’s a warning sign that you have a higher amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood than normal and will become diabetic if you continue down the road you’re taking with your body.

The shocking statistic that I keep running into is that 1 out of 3 Americans would be diagnosed as prediabetics if they were tested for it. 1 out of 3! Let that sink in for a minute. The importance of this information is that most people don’t know they have this condition and, therefore, are at risk for some very serious diseases. Prediabetes is a precursor for conditions such as high blood pressure which could result in heart disease and stroke, to name just a few.

Few Symptoms of Prediabetes

Some symptoms that you may want to discuss with your doctor are an increase in weight causing your waistline to exceed 35 inches for a woman and 40 inches for a man. Have you been trying to reduce your weight but can’t seem to reach your goal? You may feel fatigue in the afternoon; have an excessive craving for food, especially sweet food; and have a lack of motivation to exercise.

The good news is that prediabetes can be reversed with relatively simple steps that are in your control. Just three steps would be to modify your diet and to exercise more. Moving your body will burn the glucose in your blood which will also reduce the insulin production of your body. Let’s not neglect drinking water, which is always important for a healthy body.

What about your diet? Reducing the number of sweets you eat should be an obvious first step. You can learn from others online how they changed their eating habits to eventually lose their sweet tooth. At times, my sweet tooth can get the better of me, and I give in to eating something I know I shouldn’t. BUT, we CAN train ourselves and change our habits to eating better food. Small, positive changes make a huge difference accumulatively. You just have to start with the first step.

Are You Eating Packaged And Refined Foods?

Remember that packaged and refined foods are made in such a way as to make us addicted to eating that bad, unhealthy food. The chemicals in the food are designed to trick our brains and to get us craving that sweet thing. They taste so good that we just want more of it all the time! Cruel, right?

What Should I Change For Prediabetes Sugar CubesIf we educate ourselves, however, on what goes on inside our bodies when we eat these refined and processed foods, it helps to be strong enough to abstain from them. Watch videos that are available free online to get that education. Sometimes, the videos make me so mad when I realize the camouflaging that goes on in our packaged foods by giving labels and names to sweets that we don’t recognize. We eat so many things unaware of the contents and the resulting damage that they do in our bodies.

Many Prediabetics Are Overweight And Have Developed An Insulin Resistance

The vicious cycle goes like this:

We eat too many carbs which make our blood sugars rise which causes more insulin to be released in our blood which results in our feeling hungry, fatigued. We are too tired to exercise so we store fat from the excess glucose in our blood. Then, soon we eat too many carbs…. and so it goes.

If an overweight person could lose even less than 10% of their weight, that could make a huge positive influence on their glucose level in their blood. Move more and your body will burn more of the glucose for fuel and energy required for your increased activity.

If You Are Prediabetic What Should You Do?

An easy way to start losing the weight would be to cut out refined foods and sweets and instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Include fish, chicken or lean meat. Avoid gluten and dairy and see what your body begins to tell you. Are you feeling better? If the answer is yes, then keep it up longer and keep going. Click here to get Amazon’s ‘The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan and Cookbook” to help with a more healthy eating lifestyle.

If you are asking yourself what should I change for prediabetes, increase the movement of your body. Start by walking 15 minutes three times a week. Increase that until you are walking 30 minutes five times a week. That’s 150 minutes of exercise a week that you have incorporated into your life. Wait ’til you see the difference that will make!

Do I Need Prescriptions For Prediabetes?

As mentioned above, I am not a doctor and am not giving you medical advice. However, there are tons of articles and videos available from many people who share their experience with prediabetes. They share how they have cured themselves by eating differently – by eating better. Additionally, they tell that by incorporating even just a moderate amount of exercise into their routines consistently they saw miraculous results. The keyword here is “consistently”.

So, what should you change for prediabetes? You can train yourself to realize how much control you have over health issues that seem alarming by adjusting how and what you eat. When you eat the right healthy food and include even a moderate amount of exercise, your body will repay you with better health and more vitality. I’d say that’s a really good deal, don’t you?


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